Our Work: Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development

Delivering Verifiable Skills To Gauteng Artisans

South Africa is experiencing a severe shortage of well-qualified, competent and experienced artisans. While the economy currently produces approximately 5 000 artisans per year, research suggests that at least 12,500 artisans should be produced each year over the next ten years to meet demand.

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) had a need to train, upskill and qualify artisans for the province. They also required assistance Implementing an Artisan Development Programs at different levels. A training intervention was identified as the best way to deliver on this requirement. 

Optimum Diversities was engaged by the Gauteng Department to deliver a training intervention for a number of their employees.

Optimum was quick to respond to the request and provided a detailed proposal. The training solution is currently delivering a quality and hassle-free training product to the targeted employees and the GDID as an organisation. Optimum provides access to skills, staff and management processes to support the GDID requirement. The Department is able to secure excellent benefits from its investment in the training programme.

Some of the critical aspects of this training intervention that Optimum is leading are:

  1. Conducting Assessments to determine readiness of trade test or identity further training.
  2. Provision of gap training in preparation for trade test.
  3. Conducting aptitude test / skills tests to assist individuals to register for a trade test
  4. Conducting Trade Tests in the line with DHET and NAMB requirements
  5. Providing up-skilling training for all qualified artisans
Feedback from the GDID is as follows:

Optimum Diversities came across as a reputable and responsive Education, Training and Project Management services company. I feel confident in recommending their training and project management services. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond to questions.’