Our Work: Reach for the Sky - Career Expo by TETA

The Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) had a need to reach out to learners in South Africa. They created an event titled TETA REACH FOR THE SKY CAREER EXPO. In order to achieve their objective of encouraging learners to consider careers in aviation and technology, they partnered with Optimum Diversities to deliver on this requirement.

Optimum were quick to respond to the request and provided a detailed proposal. The Expo solution delivered a quality and hassle-free Career Expo, marketing, networking and logistics product to the target market and TETA as an organisation. Optimum provided access to motivation for the learners, skills, staff and management processes to support the TETA requirement. TETA was able to secure excellent benefits from its investment in the CAREER EXPO.

Some of the outcomes derived from the CAREER EXPO solution were:

  1. Delivery of a pool of learners interested in careers in aviation and technology - based on our relationships
  2. Provide an informative Teachers Capacitation Workshop on SETA information for approximately100 teachers
  3. Deliver subject advisors on the different aerospace opportunities so that learners are able to cultivate an interest in the above fields
  4. Seed key principles of the above fields for the students to be reminded about the opportunities in aerospace long after the career day was over;
  5. Advisory services based on our knowledge of the local training market
  6. Professional Project Management services
  7. Compliance to an agreed timeline and budget
  8. Upholding and enhancing the TETA corporate identity
Feedback from TETA after the Expo was as follows:

‘Optimum Diversities came across as a reputable and responsive Education, Training and Project Management services company. I feel confident in recommending their training and project management services. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss our concerns and respond to questions.’