MICT SETA Work Integrated Learning Programme

The MICT SETA contracted Optimum to deliver a Work Integrated Learning programme in 2017/2018.

A learnership is a structured learning programme during which the learner spends some time learning theory and some time learning practical skills in the workplace. Usually this is split six months of classroom time and six months of practical experience It leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Such a qualification is designed to provide not only technical and work-specific skills, but life skills such as communication and teamwork. Before the learnership programme is implemented, a contract is drawn up by the employer, the learner and an accredited skills development training provider. Each agrees to specific conditions and the contract protects all parties for the duration of the programme The skills cap of a maximum of 15% of total skills spend allowed to come from informal training & informal work based training drives the focus of this huge skills spend toward certified training more significantly, which is strongly supported by amendments in the Skills Act toward certified skill training.

Hence for companies to maximize the claim back on their skills Levy and to maximize the claim on their B-BBEE scorecard, the training needs to be certified (Accredited).