Our Offering

Project Management Services

Optimum is an expert in the optimisation of project delivery, to increase delivery capabilities and profitability in a broad spectrum of industries – with a focus on Education and Training.

With a keen focus on our project management principles, we provide you with the skills and expertise to improve and enhance governance, reporting, assurance, and compliance activities.

Our core project disciplines are:

  • Risk Management
  • Planning & Milestone Management
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supplier & Contract Management
  • Reporting and MI Analysis
  • Facilities Management

Project Management in any business requires a large, highly-skilled staff complement. Optimum allows you to deliver on ad-hoc or ongoing projects with the security and assurance of having dedicated, expert teams on hand who are well-versed in project delivery a variety industries. We offer expertise, flexibility, and scalable contracts any size project.

Every organisation is unique in its needs, operations, and project delivery structures. Organisations often roll-out multiple concurrent projects through various departments, with a different project manager for each. As each project manager applies their preferred methodologies and processes to their project, it becomes increasingly difficult for executive management to compare and analyse project performance.

We offer Project Management Office (PMO) enablement, creating a dedicated group of project management professionals who define and maintain project management standards, enforcing unified policies and methods throughout your organisation.

Once we have reviewed your company culture, structure, processes, and tools, we recommend how our methodologies could be implemented or enhanced to deliver more value aligned to your strategic objectives.

Benefits of PMO

  • Improve levels of project management success at enterprise level
  • Save time through standardisation, bringing all project activities together under one umbrella
  • Collect data from all projects in a uniform manner for easy reference, reporting and analysis
  • Quality assurance and early identification of inefficiencies and irregularities to ensure project success
  • Central support, training and mentorship for in-house talent

We believe in starting with a small, dedicated project management team, and growing the complement as your business transforms. We monitor trends and keep you updated on leading industry methodologies, which we apply to all our projects.

Our project management service includes:

  • Project governance and methodologies relevant to the client landscape, including fulfilment of set objectives.
  • A clear understanding of the scope allows for methodical project planning and a recipe for project success. We manage project resources, costs and time, ensuring effective delivery, execution, transition, and support.
  • Assessment of business process value chains and highlight the areas of efficiency.
  • Partnerships with organisations that align their operations with defined business strategies.
  • A structured governance baseline for every project, with traceability of functionality as requirements.
  • Organisational needs analysis and recommendations on solutions that are aimed at delivering value to our stakeholders.
  • Structural outcome-based group facilitation.
  • Assistance in the definitions of project objectives and outcomes, with the capabilities for fulfilment highlighted.
  • Outsourced and on-site third-party management.
  • Optimum is a dynamic, level 1 B-BBEE and Black Woman Owned (BWO), value adding programme and project delivery consultancy firm.

Optimum assists government agencies which intend to access intelligence and stakeholders in the Southern African region. We facilitate gathering of information, technical exchange visits between the different parties, create access to people within the space you are seeking engagement and help with fulfilling the engagements. The wide range of services provided by Optimum include providing information on the opportunities for engagements, as well as facilitating access based our knowledge of the local environment.

Optimum assists companies which intend to invest in the Southern African region, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by Optimum include providing information on the opportunities for investments, as well as facilitating companies which are looking for joint venture partners. We assist business with knowledge on the Southern African region and advise on the following:

  • Intelligence on access to markets
  • Intelligence on access to licenses
  • Tax incentives
  • Duty exemptions on raw materials and components
  • Market research and product launches